Feminiva boric acid suppository


  • THE NATURAL WAY TO BALANCE VAGINAL PH: Gently supports the pH balance of the vagina by helping to return it to its natural levels, keeping away issues like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis (BV). An imbalanced pH in the vagina creates an environment that is favorable to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria and yeast. By returning the pH balance of the vagina to its normal levels, Feminiva Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories provide overall vaginal health and comfort
  • SOOTHE VAGINAL DISCOMFORT: SOOTHE VAGINAL DISCOMFORT: Feminiva boric acid vaginal suppositories are formulated to support the overall health and comfort of the vagina. By providing soothing support to the vagina, Feminiva supports the maintenance of a healthy pH balance and promotes overall feminine hygiene. Feminiva is a trusted choice for women looking for a natural, pH-balancing option for supporting vaginal health
  • ELIMINATE VAGINAL ODORS: An imbalanced pH in the vagina can sometimes lead to unpleasant odors, which can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. By restoring the pH balance of the vagina to its natural levels, Feminiva suppositories reduce vaginal odors and support overall vaginal hygiene. Formulated with pure medical grade boric acid, Feminiva will provide a gentle yet effective solution for your needs
  • ELEVATE VAGINAL HYGIENE, NATURALLY: Enhance your vaginal hygiene and overall health with Feminiva boric acid suppositories. These suppositories are formulated with pure medical grade boric acid and are designed to gently support the pH balance of the vagina, reducing unpleasant odors and supporting a healthy vaginal environment. Consider adding Feminiva to your self-care regimen to help maintain optimal vaginal health and hygiene
  • PREMIUM MANUFACTURING: At HealthFare , we believe in premium manufacturing. Our supplements are made from premium ingredients and produced in the utmost sanitary conditions with quality controls at every stage of the process. We believe that the process of manufacturing premium products begins with excellent sourcing and ends with equally exceptional care. Third-party testing to ensure that all of our products not only meet but exceed international safety standards as determined by ANSI/NSF
  • CERTIFIED MANUFACTURING: Our supplements are manufactured in the USA, cGMP Compliant, USDA Organic, NON-GMO, and Third-party tested to ensure the safety and quality of all of our products. Our HealthFare supplements do not contain any sweeteners, artificial flavors, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, or tree nut ingredients. Enjoy the fantastic advantages of our powerful supplements without worrying about additional ingredients that could be concealed in each capsule
  • OUR STANCE ON NON-GMO: We believe in the power of plants to heal and nourish people. We also believe that you should also be able to trust the quality of your food and supplements. We want to make sure that your family is well-nourished and healthy which is why at HealthFare, we take our non-GMO pledge very seriously. Our promise to you is clarity throughout our product line, and accuracy behind every label

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HEALTHFARE Feminiva Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories – 30 Count, 600mg, Intimate Health Support – 100% Pure Made in USA

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DO NOT TAKE ORALLY. Insert vaginally at bedtime for 7 days (repeat  for another 7 days if symptoms persist) to balance your vaginal environment and restore hydration and pH levels. We also like to keep Boric acid suppositories around for all the normal, yet imbalanced parts of our life, i.e. after sexual intercourse (semen has a pH of 7.1-8), the last few days of our period (pH of 7.4), or anytime our pH is off.

Discharge is normal throughout the night; we recommend wearing a thin pad or panty-liner to protect your undergarments. Avoid sexual intercourse during treatment.


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